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Because There's a World of Difference

Between Using RabbitMQ ... and KNOWING It

Understand WHY, Not Just How

This isn’t just a how-to package. It’s also a why-to series of resources designed to clarify the concepts and logic that make RabbitMQ so powerful. Learn the "why" and "how" of working effectively with messaging architecture in RabbitMQ, without losing hours, days, even weeks to hopeless, confusing trial-and-error.

Stay Ahead of the Architecture Curve

Your website is moving forward with more user and more features every day. Stay ahead of the curve with architecture that scales quickly and easily. Learn how and why with the screencasts and eBook. Then take the next step with the interview series and insight into the minds of today's architects and messaging professionals.

Get Back to Coding Cool Features Again

You're not paid to learn frameworks — you're paid to build apps that solve the needs of your business. RabbitMQ For Developers will teach you how to work with RabbitMQ quickly so you can focus on writing your application's features.

Stop Bloating Your Codebase

Keeping code small and readable is critical as your application evolves. Understanding — at a glance — what the code in any given file does is what makes the difference between being productive and flailing around for hours.

Destroy The 100+ Line HTTP Handlers

Your web server doesn't need to do everything... it shouldn't do everything! Forcing a user to wait for dozens of action to be taken by the HTTP request handler creates bloated, unfriendly code and unresponsive web sites. Move your critical feature and code to a back-end service, where it belongs.

Increase Resillience, Decrease Catastrophy

When you move your critical features and error-prone processes to background tasks, you make your entire system more resillient in the face of errors. A down server or a bug in code is no longer a catastrophic failure. Fix the code, re-process the message and your app moves on!

Learn Real-Life, Real-App Tools & Techniques

Distilled from Years of Experience with Messaging

Years ago I was building an app for vehicle maintenance that would synchronize data with a central server when a connection was available. After a lot of research, trial and error, I found a solution in message queues.

With queues and messages, I handled the system’s needs easily.

I could batch up messages while disconnected and when the connection came back, the system would send the messages. This was the first time I really used a message queue, but I was hooked!

I saw the power of messaging patterns and I knew I could use these ideas in nearly every application I built. From Windows to the Web, all of my code would benefit from this new-to-me architecture.

Losing And Finding My Way Again

Fast forward a few years and I was building a SaaS app to host podcasts. Things were going well, but as traffic grew the site was slowing down. I was putting strain on the database. External service calls were overwhelming the network. Code was failing and the site was crashing!

I had to do something... but, what?

I knew what I wanted to do - to take the slow code out of my Express route handlers. But I didn’t know how... at least, I thought I didn’t. When I saw connectivity issues with external services, though, it reminded me of that old project from long ago and I started thinking about messaging, again.

How RabbitMQ Saved My SaaS

Not knowing what was available for free / open source message queueing, I dug in with research. I was surprised to find a number of new options available. All of them looked great. I chose RabbitMQ for its simplicity, robustness and very active community. After slowly working through the learning curve of RabbitMQ on my own, I very nervously wrote and deployed my first bits of code.

The results were incredible - my service went from handling a few hundred requests per minute, to tens of thousands!

The SaaS was alive and healthy, again. I could scale the back-end code separately from the web server and the system recovered from what was previously catastrophic failure, with ease.

And it’s all thanks to RabbitMQ!

- Derick Bailey
- RabbitMQ For Developers

What This Package Includes

Everything You Need To Master RabbitMQ In Minutes, Not Months!

The Screencasts: Learn How To Work With RabbitMQ

From installation, basic management and configuration, to some of the most common patterns and practices with RabbitMQ and messaging, the 12 screencasts included in this bundle will have you up and running in no time!

There is no faster or better way to learn the "how" of RabbitMQ! This video series will have you up and running, writing code and being productive with RabbitMQ faster than any other series available.

With these screencasts, you will get 12 episodes with the following topics:

  • 3 epsiodes that cover installation (Windows, OSX and Ubuntu Linux)
  • Command line management of RabbitMQ
  • Configuring vhosts, users and permissions
  • Using amqplib with Node.js
  • Working with a higher level abstraction in wascally
  • Hiding your messaging code from the app
  • Common patterns like publish/subscribe, and request/response
  • How to integrate RabbitMQ in to Express web apps
  • and so much more!

RabbitMQ Layout: Learn How And Why Decisions Are Made

I wrote the RabbitMQ Layout book to speak to the problems that I found when learning RabbitMQ on my own. There were plenty of books, blogs and other resources available for the “how-to” of RabbitMQ, but I found the lack of “why-to” resources to be particularly frustrating.

Part 1 of the book will introduce the three main exchange types that you will be using with RabbitMQ. You will learn the core concepts of RabbitMQ topologies with the different types of exchanges and how to properly bind them to queues.

Part 2 moves in to the application of RabbitMQ’s topology options, providing a unique look at making decisions. With a myriad of options and features available, it is not always clear when and where you should use what. Rather than providing a strictly technical approach to show you how to use RabbitMQ, part 2 takes a story-telling approach to guide you through the decision making paths of real world projects and systems. Through a narrative style that puts you in the mind of another developer, you will see the struggles, the success and some of the failures in designing a message based system with RabbitMQ.

You will learn not only the different types of exchanges in RabbitMQ and how they work, but when to use them and how to organize your RabbitMQ topology around them – all from an application perspective.

RabbitMQ Patterns: Learn How To Use RabbitMQ Effectively

RabbitMQ: Patterns for Applications is an ebook adaptation of an email course by the same name. It covers the core messaging patterns that you will need to know, to use RabbitMQ effectively within your app. From send/receive to pub/sub, events and commands, this book will show you the most effective methods of sending messages and what those messages should look like.

While this book is technical in nature, it speaks from a high level perspective and isn’t restricted to any particular programming language. The concepts are described in enough detail that you can apply them in any language. However, if you buy the Screencasts with this book, you’ll also get the knowledge delivered in a very real manner, showing you how to use many of these patterns with RabbitMQ directly!

The RabbitMQ Interview Series: Learn From The Experts

The complete bundle comes with interviews from 6 experts in software development and messaging, all of whom have been hand-picked for their specific knowledge and expertise. And every one of them is here to help you understand what it takes to go from zero to hero with RabbitMQ.

Each of these interviews features a 30+ minute video, a .mp3 version of the same interview and a complete transcript that includes links and additional resources mentioned in the episode.

  • CQRS, with Anders Ljusberg

    A discussion with Anders Ljusberg, an architect with Thomas Cook in Stockholm, Sweden. This conversation is a dive into CQRS; what it is, what it can do for developers in building large-scale systems that need to grow with the number of features and number of users.

  • Design For Failure, with Aria Stewart

    A conversation with Aria Stewart, a software developer formerly at PayPal on the Kraken.js team. Learn about the myriad of ways in which a system can fail – network outages, construction equipment and more – and how to code for failure.

  • RabbitMQ In Production, with Carl Horberg

    A talk about production issues with Carl Hörberg, CEO of 84codes and CloudAMQP. Hear about production quality RabbitMQ instances, how you go about determining what you need for your production systems to run RabbitMQ, and getting those systems into place.

  • RabbitMQ Core and Community, with Alvaro Videla

    Learn all about RabbitMQ’s core and community with Alvaro Videla, a Developer Advocate and core team member of RabbitMQ. The discussion centers around the RabbitMQ community, and Erlang – an incredibly stable, high-performance language on which RabbitMQ is built.

  • Workflow and Sagas, with Jimmy Bogard

    Discover the secret behind managing long living workflow and process, with Jimmy Bogard. Jimmy and Derick talk about the concept of “Sagas”. Hear the myriad of ways to think about and understand messaging patterns in the real world.

  • Service Bus and Architecture, with Udi Dahan

    Learn how a service bus is far more than just best practices for messaging, with Udi Dahan – creator of nServiceBus and CEO of Particular Software. Learn about the architectural guidance as well as simple patterns and practices that a service bus provides.

What People Are Saying (and Loving!)
About The RabbitMQ For Developers Bundle

"You’ve inspired me. Love the stuff you’ve done – quite polished! I’m installing RabbitMQ right now on my machine :)"
- Rob Conery
"@derickbailey has done a great job and put a lot into sharing knowledge about using Rabbit in Node. #thumbsup"
- Alex Robson
"After watching a couple of Derick’s videos, he addressed pretty much the exact problem I was facing, and said 'well, this is the way you can solve this with just a small snippet of code.' That pretty much changed the entire way I thought about my application."
- Justin Nel
For me at least, Derick Bailey is the new [Ryan Bates]. He’s got a screencast or blog post on everything I am doing in JS."
- Russell Jones

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  • Carl Horberg interview

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